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Outskirts of Bulawayo
There are a number of wonderful sites to see in that are just out of the boundaries of the City limits, we have given a list below, its a none comprehensive list in any shape or form.
Chipangali wildlife Orphanage:
it is located 23 kilometers from the Bulawayo City Centre. Initially established as a center for the ill and orphaned animals, the orphanage offers a close-up view of many species of the big cats and a wide variety of birds. In general Chipangali is a home for orphaned, sick or abandoned wild animals. There are lions, leopards, cheetahs, black rhinos; many species of antelope and a large collection of birds. 
Khami Ruins:
Khami Ruins UNESCO World Heritage Site there are located 22 kilometers west of the Bulawayo City Centre, having the status of being a Unesco World heritage Site, they represent what used  to be the capital of the Torwa State in the 17th and 18th centuries. Khami is made up of beautifully decorated massive granite walls connected by a series of terraces and passages around the multiplex. Take a virtual tour of Khami Ruins here. The land adjoining the ruins has been made into a Nature Reserve by the Bulawayo City Council, called Mazwi Nature Reserve, where the visitor may walk, drive and picnic. The Khami trail guide is available here.
I have been to Khami Ruins
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Matobo National Park:
Balancing Rocks of Matopos National Park located 34 Kilometers south of Bulawayo City Centre, covering an area of 43 200 hectares, the park is positioned in the marvelous Matobo Hills, which are constitute of a series of domes, spires and balancing rock formations cut out of granite solid granite plateau by mother nature through millions and millions years of erosion and weathering.
King Mzilikazi gave the district the name Matobo - 'bald heads'-, he was buried in the Matobo Hills. Cecil John Rhodes is buried in the Matobo National Park, at the summit of Malindidzimu -'hill of benevolent spirits'-. A place which he referred to as the "view of the world." Take a virtual tour of the Cecil John Rhodes "world view" of Matobo National Park
Mguza Nature Reserve
This 650-hectare park is a magnet for ornithologists and birding enthusiasts. Hundreds of different species have been recorded in a single day. The park also contains several wildlife species, and there are picnic spots, picturesque walks and drives.
Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Center
Situated just out of town off the Old Falls road, is definitely worth a visit where visitors can choose from a wide selection of skilfully crafted sculptures, basketry, pottery, beadwork and woodwork - all done by local people
Old Bulawayo:
A bee-hive hut in the royal enclosure at the Old Bulawayo The reconstruction of the Old Bulawayo was started in 1997. A delegation was sent to South Africa to study similar projects at Ondini, Bulawayo and Mgungundlovu. The reconstruction was limited only to the Royal Enclosure - a place where the king and his close relatives lived.
A double palisade of mopane timber have been put in place, together with the cattle byre, which completes the palisade. An ox-wagon shed has been refurbished and roofed. One royal western type house, is complete. An interpretative centre, featuring an architectural design which blends with that of Old Bulawayo is also complete. Take a virtual tour of Old Bulawayo here.
Tshabalala Game Sanctuary:
Zebras at the Tshabalala Game Sanctuary it is located eight kilometers southeast of the Bulawayo City Centre. The Game sanctuary has many lovely locations for picnics. Its contains several walking and horseback trails. Incidentally the Game Sanctuary is situated on the former lands of Fairburn Usher, a British Sailor who relocated to Bulawayo in the late 1800's, and married one of the daughters of King Lobengula. Find out the background of tshabalala game sanctuary here.

There are some more attractions which are within in the city boundaries of Bulawayo, for those follow the link below ====>>>
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