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How did Bulawayo get its name, well its all here. Find out about the history of Bulawayo!
Find out about the profiles of people who had historic impacts 


Bulawayo has been blessed with some wonderful sceneries and you see some of these, check out bulawayo in pics.
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Added on 14/12/2005
Profile of Mbuya Nehanda a.k.a Charwe Nyakasikana (c. 1862-1898) “My bones shall rise again”. She was a powerful woman spirit medium that was committed to upholding traditional Shona culture, she was instrumental in organizing the nationwide resistance to colonial rule during the First Chimurenga of 1896-7, a.k.a Rebellion.
Added on 01/12/2005
Virtual of Victoria Falls: known as one of the seven wonders of the world, the Majestic Victoria Falls, has the largest curtain of water in the world. You can take a virtual tour of it here.
Added on 10/11/2005
Cecil John Rhodes and Matopos Hills: Cecil John Rhodes had a profound love for Matopos, this led him to be desire to buried at Matopos, Zimbabwe. Bulawayo and the Matobo Hills has long been recognized as an area of exceptional beauty with a rich and colourful history. Zimbabwe has some of the oldest rock formations in the world and some of the most exposed. This is especially dramatic in the Matobo National Park south of Bulawayo where spectacular examples of these primitive granitic formations are to be found. It is no small wonder then why Rhodes fell in love with the place. This article reflects this relation with between Rhodes and Matopos, as well as the events that happened during the burial of Rhodes in 1902.
Virtual of Matobo Hills - Rhodes "Worlds view": The hill on which Cecil Rhodes is buried is called Malindidzimu, the legendary place of benevolent spirits, and here he used to rest and was eventually led to rest as well. The matopos area exhibits a profusion of distinctive rock landforms rising above the granite shield that covers much of Zimbabwe. The large boulders provide abundant natural shelters and have been associated with human occupation from the early Stone Age right through to early historical times, and intermittently since. You can take a virtual tour around "Rhodes worlds view" here.
Added on 03/11/2005
Freedom of the City of Bulawayo: What is it about and what does "Freedom of the city entail", who are the first people to be Bulawayo Freemen i.e. first that the Bulawayo City Council has bestowed upon the freedom of the city. Well found out here.
What are the origins of the Bulawayo city Mayoral chains, and what is the Civics Honors Book, the Bulawayo city Coat of arms what does it stand for, its description is given here.