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Find about the about the heritage and history of Bulawayo!
Origin of the Mayoral Chains of the City of Bulawayo 
Mayoral chains are of comparatively recent origin, few of them dating earlier than the nineteenth century. The practice has been copied from the more ancient towns in Great Britain, the oldest being the City of London.

In medieval times it was the custom for any person of dignity or wealth - prosperous merchants, members of the aristocracy, and public officials - to wear chains for personal adornment. Mayors and Sheriffs usually came from these classes and wore their chains during their period of office. When the general wearing of chains went out of fashion, people occupying the office of Mayor or Sheriff continued to wear them to indicate they were holders of a public office.

Many cities and towns have adopted Mayoral chains following the precedent of the City of London and the practice today is virtually universal. The chains have no legal or heraldic significance and serve only to indicate that the wearer holds a public office.
Mayor's Chain:
Presented to the Municipality by the British South Africa Company on the 6th April, 1899. Mayor's Medallion presented to the Municipality by the British South Africa Company, on the 26th October, 1897.

Weight: 1 500 gms
18 ct. Gold (75 per cent gold)
Quantity of fine gold in chain: 24,39 fine ozs

Mayoress's Chain:
Presented by "the early citizens of Bulawayo commemorating the Jubilee year of the City, 1943".

Weight: 218,35 gms.
9 ct. Gold (37,5 per cent. gold).
Quantity of fine gold in chain: 2,63 fine ozs.

18 additional links were presented to the City on the 27th October, 1972, by the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa. Limited.
Mayoress' Brooch:
Presented to the City by the members u the Meikle family on the 11th August, 1971.

The brooch was designed and handmade by W. Schoenauer of Bulawayo and is fashioned in hand-wrought Zimbabwean 18 ct. white and yellow gold with a spray of leaves in the form of a sheaf supported by bars encrusted with diamonds and Sandawana emeralds; the whole on a base of a golden elephant, which is taken from the Coat of Arms of the City.
Ear-rings to match the Mayoress' Brooch
Presented to the City on 9th August, 1972, by Councillor Mrs. J. L. Sharland, on her termination of office as Mayoress of the City.
Deputy Mayor's Badge and Chain:
The Badge was Presented by the Meikle family in 1963. The badge has the general shape of a Matabele Warrior's shield, surmounted by a Mural or Civic Crown, with below it a suggestion of a wheel of industry and below this a scroll bearing the words "Deputy Mayor" in red enamel. The base of the jewel shows the head of a bullock suggestive of the ranching activities in the vicinity of the City and a scroll worded "City of Bulawayo" in red enamel. The framework is built up to the side section with outer edge of laurel, the inner rim with cable border surrounding an oxidized centre background with applied thereon the Coat of Arms of the City in correct heraldic device.

The Chain was presented by Councillor J. Goldwasser and Mrs. T. Goldwasser on 13th August, 1969 and may be described as fashioned in 18 ct. yellow gold, plated hard wrought Sterling Silver with Record Shields in the traditional general shape of the Matabele Warrior's Shield and complete with a centre filling from which is suspended the Deputy Mayor's Badge of Office in correctic heraldic device.
Deputy Mayoress' Chain:
Presented to the City on 27th October, 1972, by Councillor A. Menashe, E.D., on being appointed to the dignity of Alderman.
Badge for Deputy Mayoress':
Councilor A. Menashe, E.D., and Mrs. Pauline Menashe presented to the City on the 9th August, 1967, a badge for the Deputy Mayoress to mark the completion by them of their term of office as Mayor 
Source: General Information about the City of Bulawayo, booklet. Town Clerk's Department.