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Find about the about the heritage and history of Bulawayo!
Civic mace of the City of Bulawayo 
This section explains the origins of the civic mace. It was donated by Alderman C. M. Harris, O'.B.E., J.P., and Mrs. Harris on the 13th August, 1958.


As Bulawayo is a modern, progressive City, the Mace was designed on contemporary lines, rather than following the traditional type of Civic Mace. It preserves, however, the dignity of its office, and is richly decorated with applied motifs of special significance to the City.

The head of the Mace is surmounted by a fluted, arched cage, tapering to the finial. an the front of this finial is an engraving of the City Hall, while on the reverse side is an engraving of Government House, denoting the Municipal Administration and its allegiance to the State. An inscription band, bearing the words:
"City of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe", then the donor's name, Councillor (as he was then) and Mrs. C. M. Harris, Mayor and Mayoress 1934-1935, 1935-1936, and the date of presentation, forms the base of the cage.

The head itself, which is of bulbous shape, is engraved, with tapering lines, and on the front bears the City's Coat of Arms in silver and enamel, while the reverse side bears the Zimbabwean Coat of Arms. The top knop is richly engraved with leaf motifs.
The shaft of the Mace is of silver, mounted with black leather and decorated with twelve gold plaques containing motifs of pioneering, the elephant of Lobengula's seal, Commerce, Industry, the Matopos, and the Victoria Falls; also the important dates in Bulawayo's history, viz.: the Occupation (4th November, 1893); Proclamation of the Municipality (27th October, 1897); Elevation to City Status (4th November, 1943) and its Diamond Jubilee (27th October, 1957).
The bottom knop is a smaller and simpler replica of the Head, similarly engraved with leaf motifs.
Source: General Information about the City of Bulawayo, booklet. Town Clerk's Department.