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President Robert Mugabe's Message on Bulawayo : 1994
I invite the entire nation, my government and party and our cooperating partners here at home and abroad to join me in congratulating the City of Bulawayo upon its 100th birthday. We join the residents of Bulawayo and its sister cities in celebrating this happy event.

We salute Bulawayo for the key role it has played as central point of our nationalist activities for the liberation of Zimbabwe from settler colonialism and imperialism.

We also salute the vital role Bulawayo has played in the economic development of the country’s western provinces in its capacity as the industrial and commercial hub of this region. We further salute the very important role Bulawayo has always played nationally as an industrial and cultural city, as the headquarters of the national railways system of the country and as the recipient of thousands of our tourist from the south.

In modern times, Bulawayo has distinguished itself, not only for wide streets and green parks, but also as the home of the National Free Library, Animal Museum, the Trade Fair grounds and the National University of Science and Technology.

Quite recently, Bulawayo has been nominated as one of the few cities in Africa to participate in a global forum of cities and sustainable development from 24th June to 3rd of July 1994. This represents the high regard in which the international community holds the city of Bulawayo and its contribution towards socio-economic development.

We note that Bulawayo has developed and grown over the past 100 years against a number of odds and one such persistant has been the shortage of water. The period 1991/92 posed a real threat to the sustainability of Bulawayo as the cultural, industrial, commercial and service centre for the whole Matebeleland, due to the devastating drought encompassing the whole country.

We salute the people of Bulawayo for the indomitable will to survive and prosper demonstrated especially during the 1992 drought. Emergency boreholes within the city, water rationing by the city fathers and a variety of other measures combined with the efforts from central the government and the donor community in saving the day for this great city.

I urge the people of Bulawayo to continue to rally together in unity and unison with the rest of the nation for the further growth and development of their greater city. Indeed, the growth, development and viability of Bulawayo will contribute immensely towards the growth, development and sustainabilty of Zimbabwe as an independent and sovereign state.

Contrary to the prophets of doom, Bulawayo is not a dying city. It is alive and full of promise. The nation generally and the residents of Bulawayo in particular will not let it die. We wish Bulawayo many more centenary celebrations.

“Makorokoto, Amhlope, Congratulations and God bless Bulawayo.”

Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President of the republic of Zimbabwe

source and copyright : Masiye  Pambili Magazine May 1994